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Trade Shows

Let’s face it; a lot of effort and resources go into coordinating an appearance at a trade show. And on top of that, you are in a sea of other exhibitors competing for the attention of those attendees. One of the most important components to your presence is your trade show display. It must be captivating, represent your brand and ultimately attract visitors.

Trade show displays should prominently feature your company name and logo, while also painting a quick picture as to what your company is all about. And it doesn’t stop there. You want your appearance to be consistent, so every element of your booth, including design, signage, marketing collateral, color scheme and giveaways must be cohesive. Companies that brand themselves well send a subconscious message that they have it together.

  • Display design
  • Booth graphics and signange
  • Marketing collateral
  • Business card design
  • Brochure design
  • Sales presentations